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Our square semiconductor fuse delivers high performance and robust short-circuit protection, making it versatile for applications like energy storage, wind power, rail transit, electric vehicles, PV inverter protection, and more.

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Square Body Fuse For ESS

As a prominent electrical components manufacturer, HIITIO specializes in high-voltage DC applications.

HIITIO holds prestigious certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and IATF16949, attesting to our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, occupational health and safety, and automotive industry standards. There are four series of fuses designed to ensure the safety of power systems

Our Square Body Fuse DC fuses ensure reliability and peak performance for EVs, charging systems, battery storage, and solar PV systems. The square-body fuses offer robust current limiting, a high breaking capacity (up to 3000A and 2000V), and an impressive 250kA interrupting capacity.

Features of HIITIO Square Body Fuse

High Voltage and Current Ratings

  • Remarkable high voltage and current ratings of up to 2000V and 3000A.
  • These fuses are built to handle the most demanding electrical environments, ensuring unwavering performance in critical applications.

Impressive Breaking Capacity

  • Exceptional breaking capacity, reaching up to 250kA, with strong current limiting capability.
  • Ideal choice for applications where safety and protection are of utmost importance.
  • Handle the highest fault currents, providing a secure shield for your electrical systems.

Product Versatility for Varied Application Scenarios

  • A diverse range of models designed to cater to specific application scenarios to meet your unique requirements:
    rail transit, electric vehicles, ships, energy storage, or photovoltaics, our fuses are tailored.

Outstanding Electrical and Environmental Resilience

Outstanding resistance to voltaic impingement, environmental conditions, temperature fluctuations, mechanical vibration, and impacts.

Compliant with Rigorous Standards

  • Complies with multiple international standards: UL248.13 / IEC60269.6 / GB31465.6 / JASO-D622 / ISO8820.8, and CE.
  • Obtained the manufacturing process certification under the IATF16949 quality system, meeting the stringent requirements of the automotive industry.


Competitive Price

  • Optimized supply chain, establishing close ties with reliable suppliers
  • Plan procurement, managing inventory
  • Optimized supplier delivery structures

Production capacity

  • 4 semi-automatic production lines and 1 fully automated production line to further enhance productivity and quality control

Quality Control

Comprehensive Certifications

  • UL, cUL, CSA, CE, CB, TUV, SEMKO, CCC, VDE, and more.
  • Actively researching customer needs and industry trends, seeking additional certifications.

R&D Capability

  • Independent laboratory for electrical life testing, breaking capacity testing, high and low temperature testing, etc. 
  • 30+ people R&D team with 10+ years developing experience


  • Pre-sales Services: product consultation, technical support, customized solutions, sample service, and fast delivery.
  • After-sales Services: Respond to your questions and complaints in a timely manner and provide the best solution.

All you should know about Square Body Fuse

What is A Square Body Fuse?

A Square Body Fuse is a type of electrical protection device designed to safeguard electrical circuits and equipment from overcurrent conditions. Unlike traditional cylindrical fuses, square body fuses have a square or rectangular shape, which provides several advantages, including enhanced mechanical stability and better space utilization.
These fuses are typically used in applications where high voltage and high current protection is required, such as in industrial settings, power distribution systems, and enery storage equipment.

What’s the structure of Square Body Fuse?

The Square Body Fuse features ceramic housing, and its internal fuse element is crafted from either pure silver or a silver-copper composite, ensuring a swift response to over-current conditions.

The terminals provide the option of blade or flat-head type, offering convenient connection methods. Some models include indicators for users to easily check the fuse status.

This design makes the Square Body Fuse efficient in safeguarding electrical systems, with a user-friendly and straightforward operation.

square body fuse structure
  1. — Knife contacts;
  2. — Fuse body;
  3. — Fuse tube;
  4. — End plates (including buckles);
  5. — Finger wires;
  6. — Melt effect material – regulates the breaking performance at low times of overload current;
  7. — Packing;
  8. — Indicator – visual or push switch.

Process flow of Square Body fuse

Preceding Processes:

  1. Melt Formation
  2. Melt Segmentation
  3. Melt Adhesive Application
  4. Melt Fragmentation
  5. Melt Shaping
  6. Melt Tinning

Cuboid Ceramic Assembly Process:

  1. Melt Welding
  2. Indicator Installation
  3. Installation of One End Cover Plate
  4. Melt Installation
  5. Installation of the Other End Cover Plate
  6. Net Sealing
  7. Vibrating Screen
  8. Curing
  9. Plug Adhesive Application
  10. Finished Resistor
  11. Cleaning and Packaging

What types of square Body Fuses do we offer?

We offer a range of Square Body Fuses, including the

These fuses are available with either external bolt-on or internal flat-head bolt-on installation options. Whether it’s rapid fusing for high currents, high-density energy storage, or specialized applications in photovoltaic systems, our Square Body Fuse series provides excellent protective performance and diverse installation choices to meet the varied needs of different electrical systems.

What is the working principle of square fuse?

  1. Current Detection: When the current in the circuit exceeds the rated current of the Square Body Fuse, the overcurrent is detected. This can occur in cases of circuit faults, short circuits, or other abnormal conditions.
  2. High-Temperature Trigger: When the current exceeds the rated value, the conductor material inside the Square Body Fuse begins to heat up, causing the material to expand. This high-temperature trigger is caused by the overcurrent and initiates the operation of the fuse.
  3. Circuit Interruption: As the temperature increases, the conductor material inside the Square Body Fuse eventually melts or breaks. This results in the interruption of the circuit, preventing the overcurrent from continuing to flow, thus protecting the circuit and associated equipment.
  4. Current Restoration: Once the Square Body Fuse disconnects the circuit, the current stops flowing. To restore normal circuit operation, the fuse must be replaced.

How to choose Square Body Fuse?

In energy storage battery systems, aR type fuses are typically chosen for short-circuit protection, gPV type fuses are used for overload protection, and gR type fuses are commonly selected for graded protection.

Ensure that the rated voltage is higher than the battery system’s highest voltage.

When determining the correct rated current value, consider the following:
UL-rated fuses have a lower overload capacity. The rated current (In) is calculated as In = Ir/Of, where Ir is the circuit’s operating current, and Of = 0.75 represents the fuse’s current reduction factor. For instance, with a circuit operating current (Ir) of 1.5A, choose a 2A fuse (1.5/0.75 = 2A).

IEC-rated fuses have a stronger overload capacity and do not require current reduction, meaning Ir = In.

For semiconductor protection using fuses, the I²t (current-squared-time) impulse that semiconductor devices or circuits can withstand should be low to prevent damage.

Therefore, matching fuses should have a small I²t value, which must be less than the semiconductor’s I²t capacity. However, in energy storage systems, when using semiconductor protection fuses (aR or gR), achieving graded protection often requires larger rated fuses at the next level.

Do square body fuses require maintenance?

Maintenance before short circuit: no maintenance is required.

Maintenance after short circuit: Replace the blown fuse with a new one. Replacement is quick and remains as effective as before to keep equipment safe

Applications of Square Body Fuse

ESS (Battery Storage System & Solar PV)

HIITIO Square Body Fuses serve as the linchpin in state-of-the-art ESS solutions. Providing voltage and current ratings of up to 1500V and 800A, the HCHVT1500-74E Series and HCPVT1500-74ES Series guarantee the robustness of Battery Storage Systems and Solar PV installations. With exceptional environmental tolerance and precise current limits,

Secure your energy infrastructure, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance in dynamic energy storage environments.

Square Body Fuses are typically installed on the DC side of energy storage systems to protect the system from damage caused by overcurrent. Specifically, they may be installed on the DC connecting lines, DC battery packs, or DC inverters of energy storage systems. 

Such fuses are designed to disconnect the circuit when the current exceeds a safe threshold, preventing damage to equipment and the system caused by overcurrent. The exact selection of the installation location depends on the system’s design and specific application scenarios.

Metro e1701238447358

Metro/Rail Transportation

Elevate rail safety standards with our Square Body Fuses. HCHVT750-36E is the epitome of reliability in Metro and Rail Transportation.

Resistant to mechanical vibrations and impacts, we ensure uninterrupted power distribution, enhancing the safety and efficiency of critical rail systems.

charging station 800 1

Charging Station

Our Square Body Fuses redefine the paradigm of Charging Station safety. With a focus on strong current limiting capability, we offer optimal protection for Charging Stations, mitigating risks associated with overcurrent events.

Ensuring a seamless charging experience, combining advanced technology with robust design for unmatched reliability

neon lights future of transportation


HIITIO Square Body Fuses drive the evolution of Electric Vehicle and E-Truck safety. HCHVT1000-59ES Series features high voltage and current ratings of up to 1000V and 630A, these fuses guarantee the secure operation of EVs and E-Trucks.


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