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Designed for high current and voltage applications, ESS fuses play a crucial role in protecting the components of the energy storage system from overcurrent conditions, short circuits, and other electrical faults.

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ESS Fuses

As a prominent electrical components manufacturer, HIITIO specializes in high-voltage DC applications.

HIITIO holds prestigious certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and IATF16949, attesting to our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, occupational health and safety, and automotive industry standards. 

HIITIO ESS fuses are designed for 1500-2000 VDC applications with current ratings from 50 to 3000 A. Our state-of-the-art technology allows them to clear fault currents as low as 3 times the fuse rating to work perfectly with contactors, and to clear fault currents up to 250 kA to prevent large short circuits in energy storage systems.

Features of HIITIO Square Body Fuse

High Voltage and Current Ratings

  • HIITIO ESS Fuse sets itself apart with an impressive current rating of up to 3000A and a voltage rating of up to 2000VDC. This exceptional capacity allows the fuse to confidently manage the elevated current and voltage demands commonly encountered in energy storage systems.
  • Whether it's the dynamic charging and discharging cycles or sudden electrical surges, HIITIO ESS Fuse ensures robust protection and efficient operation under challenging conditions.

Excellent Breaking Capacity

  • With a remarkable maximum breaking capacity of 250kA, the HIITIO ESS Fuse excels in swiftly and effectively interrupting the circuit during high fault currents. This high breaking capacity not only safeguards the fuse but also ensures the protection of critical components within the energy storage system.
  • HIITIO ESS fuse's ability to handle such extreme fault currents enhances the overall safety and reliability of the system, making it well-suited for high-stakes environments.

High Temperature Stability

  • Engineered for stability, the HIITIO ESS Fuse maintains optimal performance across an extensive temperature range, operating reliably from -40℃ to 125℃, which ensures the fuse's effectiveness in diverse environmental conditions.
  • Whether in freezing temperatures or high-temperature scenarios, the HIITIO ESS Fuse remains resilient, contributing to its versatility and suitability for various applications within energy storage systems.

High Temperature Stability

  • HIITIO ESS Fuse is further enhanced by the inclusion of a fault indicator. This diagnostic feature, combined with the fuse's high current and voltage ratings, offers a comprehensive solution for efficient fault detection.
  • Whether through a visual or remote indicator, the system operators can promptly identify and address any anomalies, facilitating swift and effective troubleshooting for seamless maintenance and enhanced system reliability.


Competitive Price

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Production capacity

  • 4 semi-automatic production lines and 1 fully automated production line to further enhance productivity and quality control

Quality Control

Comprehensive Certifications

  • UL, cUL, CSA, CE, CB, TUV, SEMKO, CCC, VDE, and more.
  • Actively researching customer needs and industry trends, seeking additional certifications.

R&D Capability

  • Independent laboratory for electrical life testing, breaking capacity testing, high and low temperature testing, etc. 
  • 30+ people R&D team with 10+ years developing experience


  • Pre-sales Services: product consultation, technical support, customized solutions, sample service, and fast delivery.
  • After-sales Services: Respond to your questions and complaints in a timely manner and provide the best solution.

All You Should Know About ESS Fuse

What is an ESS Fuse?

ESS Fuse serves a crucial role as a safeguarding barrier between batteries and the electrical circuitry. Its primary duty involves the detection and interruption of excessive currents, mitigating the risk of potential damage to batteries or compromising their performance.

In the occurrence of an overcurrent event, such as a short circuit or an abnormal surge in current, the ESS Fuse swiftly identifies the excess current. It promptly interrupts the circuit by either blowing or melting the fuse element.

Tailored to meet the specific current ratings and response times required for various battery systems, HIITIO ESS Fuse ensures compatibility with the characteristics and demands of the batteries. These fuses are distinguished by their fast-acting or high-speed operation, allowing them to respond promptly to overcurrent events and effectively safeguard the batteries.

What are the standards of ESS fuse for energy storage system (ESS) battery protection?

1. The IEC60269-7 standard has higher requirements for breaking capacity, which is increased from 8KA to more than 30KA.

2. The time constant requirements in breaking capacity are different.

The IEC60269-7 standard requires a time constant of 1ms-3ms. The inductance in the energy storage system is low and the time constant is small. Therefore, the new standard is closer to the actual application of energy storage systems.

3. IEC60269-4 is for semiconductor protection fuses. The current I2T impact that a semiconductor device or circuit can withstand is small, otherwise the semiconductor is easily burned. Therefore, the matching fuse requires a very small I2T, which is smaller than the I2T that the semiconductor can withstand.

However, in energy storage systems, if semiconductor protection fuses (aR or gR) are used, the next level of protection often needs to use a fuse with a larger rating to achieve hierarchical protection. However, a fuse with an increased rating is more detrimental to low-magnitude overload protection.

What are the materials and structure of ESS Fuse?

ESS fuses are constructed using materials that exhibit high thermal and electrical conductivity. The fuse element is typically made of materials like silver or silver alloy, ensuring efficient current-carrying capacity while maintaining stability during normal operation. The housing of the fuse is designed to withstand environmental factors and provide insulation to prevent unintended short circuits.

Which module of the energy storage system is ESS Fuse used in?

The Fuse in ESS

A battery module or battery pack consists of numerous individual battery cells, multiple battery modules forming a battery cluster, and multiple series connected battery clusters forming the entire energy storage system. The layout of fuses in large containerized energy storage systems is as follows:

How does HIITIO ESS fuse implement the fault indication function?

ESS fuse implement the fault indication function

HIITIO ESS fuse can be equipped with a fault indicator. When the fuse blows, the red dot of the indicator will pop up (as shown below). People can visually determine whether a circuit is faulty. 

In addition, electronic monitoring can be achieved by installing an additional micro-switch on the indicator. When the fuse blows, the red dot pops up and triggers the micro switch. The micro-switch releases a signal to indicate that the fuse has blown.

In conclusion, fuse indication features can be implemented through mechanical, electronic, or combined methods. These designs play a crucial role in promptly detecting and addressing issues within the circuit, contributing to the overall safety and reliability of the system.

Applications of Square Body Fuse

battery module hiitio Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Systems CI ESS Manufacturing Factory 3 600

Battery Module

In the battery pack, its functions include overload and short-circuit protection, as well as temperature sensing, and is suitable for environments with a voltage level of 250Vdc and a current range between 200A and 900A.

container hiitio Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Systems CI ESS Manufacturing Factory 2 600

Battery Rack Control Unit

In the battery rack control unit, fuses handle higher current levels for high-voltage overload and short-circuit protection, while supporting system scheduling and remote monitoring. They are suitable for large-scale energy storage systems with voltage levels of 1500Vdc and current ranges between 125A and 1400A.

hiitio Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Systems CI ESS Manufacturing Factory 4 600

Power Conversion System

Power Conversion System (PCS) is a device for bidirectional conversion of electrical energy connected between the battery system and the grid and/or load. Designed to handle higher voltage levels and current ranges associated with power conversion processes, the fuses used in the PCS are suitable for applications where voltages may reach 1500Vdc or even 2000Vdc, and current requirements extend from 1800A to 3000A.

ESS Remote Monitoring​

System Integration

In system integration, the role of fuses covers system-level overload protection, system reliability improvement, and fault isolation and diagnosis. It is suitable for overall energy storage systems with a voltage level of 1500Vdc or even 2000Vdc and a current range between 1800A and 3000A. These applications ensure the safe and stable operation of energy storage systems under various working conditions.


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