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Our HRC fuses are engineered to deliver top-notch safety and reliability for protecting circuits in specific applications, special for E-mobility industry, PV/Solar energy storgae system and BESS projects etc.

Explore Our High Rupturing Capacity (HRC) fuse Series

As a prominent electrical components manufacturer, HIITIO specializes in high-voltage DC applications. Backed by our professional laboratory, we provide customers with high-performance and durable fuses to realize the excellent circuit protection.

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North American Style Fuse

  • Rated Voltage: 500V, 750V, 1000V
  • Rated Current: 30-800A
  • Breaking Capacity: I.R 50kA

Square Body Fuse

  • Rated Voltage: 500V, 750V, 1000V, 1500V, 2000V
  • Rated Current: 25-3000A
  • Breaking Capacity: I.R 250kA

Cartridge Ceramic Fuse

  • Rated Voltage: 500V, 750V, 1000V, 1500V
  • Rated Current: 10-50A
  • Breaking Capacity: I.R 30kA

British standard BS88 Fuse

  • Rated Voltage: 250V, 300V, 500V, 750V
  • Rated Current: 25-3000A
  • Breaking Capacity: I.R 50kA

Energy Storage System Fuse

  • Rated Voltage: 1000V, 1500V, 2000V
  • Rated Current: 25-3000A
  • Breaking Capacity: I.R 250kA

Class RK5 Fuse

  • Rated Voltage: 250-600 Vdc or 150-600 Vac
  • Rated Current: 1/10 to 600A

Features of HIITIO HRC Fuse

High Interrupting Capacity

Possess a high interrupting rating, allowing them to safely interrupt or stop high levels of current flow in the event of a fault, ensuring protection to the connected equipment.

Temperature Stability

Operate efficiently across a wide temperature range, ensuring reliability even in varying environmental conditions experienced in different operation.

Different Types and Ratings

Accommodate different voltage and current requirements, allowing flexibility in their usage across diverse electrical systems.

Robust Construction

Robust enclosures, specialized materials, and designs optimized for high current operation, ensuring they can withstand the stresses encountered in these environments.

Versatility in Applications

Used in various industries and applications where fast-acting protection is required, such as in power distribution, motor circuits, and industrial machinery.

Compliance and Standards

Stringent international safety and performance standards to ensure reliability and safety in high voltage environments, like UL, CE,CB,TUV.


Competitive Price

  • Optimized supply chain, establishing close ties with reliable suppliers
  • Plan procurement, managing inventory
  • Optimized supplier delivery structures

Production capacity

  • 4 semi-automatic production lines and 1 fully automated production line to further enhance productivity and quality control

Quality Control

Comprehensive Certifications

  • UL, cUL, CSA, CE, CB, TUV, SEMKO, CCC, VDE, and more.
  • Actively researching customer needs and industry trends, seeking additional certifications.

R&D Capability

  • Independent laboratory for electrical life testing, breaking capacity testing, high and low temperature testing, etc. 
  • 30+ people R&D team with 10+ years developing experience


  • Pre-sales Services: product consultation, technical support, customized solutions, sample service, and fast delivery.
  • After-sales Services: Respond to your questions and complaints in a timely manner and provide the best solution.

What is A High Speed (HRC) Fuse?

High Speed (HRC) Fuses, also known as High Rupturing Capacity fuses, are electrical safety devices designed to protect electrical circuits and equipment from short circuits and overloads. These fuses are characterized by their ability to rapidly interrupt or stop the flow of current when there’s a fault in the circuit. They are capable of handling high fault currents without causing damage to the circuit they are protecting.

HRC fuses are constructed with materials and designs that allow them to break the circuit quickly when a fault occurs, preventing damage to the equipment or electrical system. They’re commonly used in high-power applications, such as industrial machinery, electrical distribution systems, and other critical circuits where the interruption of high fault currents is crucial for safety and protection.

High Voltage DC Fuse 630 mo

How to select the suitable fuse?

Why did the fuse blow?

How to replace a blown fuse?

Before replacing a fuse, turn off the power to the circuit or equipment where the fuse is located. This prevents electrical shocks and ensures safety.

Locate the fuse box or panel containing the blown fuse. Use a flashlight if needed for better visibility.

Check the fuses in the panel to find the blown one. A blown fuse usually has a visibly broken or melted metal strip inside.

Use a fuse puller or carefully grip the blown fuse and pull it straight out. Avoid using metal objects or your fingers directly on the metal parts of the fuse to prevent electrical hazards.

Insert a new fuse of the same amperage rating into the fuse holder. Ensure it fits securely and aligns properly.

Once the new fuse is in place, restore power to the circuit or device by turning the power back on.

Test the device or circuit to ensure it’s functioning correctly. If the fuse was for a specific device, check that the device operates as expected.

Safely dispose of the blown fuse. Do not reuse a blown fuse, as it won’t provide proper protection

If the fuse blows again immediately or frequently, it indicates an underlying issue. Investigate the circuit or equipment to identify and address the root cause of the problem. It could be an overloaded circuit, a short circuit, or faulty equipment.

Applications of HRC Fuses

Renewable Energy​

Fuses designed by these manufacturers are used in renewable energy systems such as solar inverters, wind turbines, and battery storage systems, safeguarding the semiconductor components crucial for power conversion and management.

Automotive And Transportation

They cater to the automotive sector, providing fuses used in electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid vehicles, and other transportation systems, like railway, to protect semiconductor-based systems and battery management systems.

Charging Systems

High voltage fuses are incorporated into the charging systems of electric vehicles to protect against overcurrents during charging, safeguarding both the vehicle and the charging infrastructure.

Utilities And Electrical Distribution

Fuses manufactured for high-speed protection are used in electrical distribution systems, switchgear, and power distribution equipment to protect sensitive solid-state components and control circuits.

Aerospace And Defense

In aerospace and defense applications, specialized high-speed fuses are employed to protect critical electronic systems and control circuits in aircraft, satellites, and military equipment.

Medical Equipment

Some manufacturers provide high-speed fuses used in medical equipment and devices, ensuring the safety and reliability of semiconductor-based systems in healthcare applications.

High Voltage Laboratories and Testing Facilities

Testing facilities and laboratories working with high voltage equipment employ fuses to protect instruments and equipment during experiments or testing procedures.


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