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We are a professional manufacturer of industrial control electrical equipment, specializing in IEC AC contactors and overload relays. Our products are designed to ensure the safe and reliable operation of various electrical systems, providing our customers with high-quality and durable solutions.

IEC Contactor

IEC contactors are widely used in industrial control. Their main role is to control the switching of circuits and protect them from faults such as overcurrent, overload and short circuits.

HC6 Series Standard IEC Contactors 1


Motor Control

It controls the starting and stopping of motors, as well as the forward and reverse rotation of motors. IEC AC contactors can protect motors from faults such as overcurrent, overload and short circuit, and extend the life of motors.

Lighting and Heating Equipment Control

By controlling the switching status of the contactors, the start and stop of lighting and heating equipment can be controlled to achieve energy saving and reduce production costs.

Air Conditioners and Fans Control

Maintain parameters such as temperature and humidity in the production environment within the proper range.

Solenoid Valves and Level Controllers

Control devices such as solenoid valves and level controllers in the industry to ensure the stability and safety of the production process.

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HCR6 12M Thermal Overload Relays 04 1

Thermal overload relays

Thermal overload relays are an important protection device that can be used to detect and protect motors and other electrical equipment from faults such as overloads, overheating, short circuits, etc. In industrial control, overload relays are used in a wide range of applications. Their main function is to protect electrical equipment from faults such as overheating and overload, thus improving the reliability and safety of the equipment.

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