Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solution

High-voltage DC relays and fuses are crucial for the safe and efficient operation of electric vehicle charging stations. The relays control the charging process, while the fuses protect against overcurrent conditions that could cause damage or safety hazards.


High-voltage DC relays are mainly used to control and protect the electrical equipment in DC charging piles. DC charging piles are generally used for fast charging of electric vehicles, and their output voltage and current are high, so they need high-voltage DC relays for control and protection.

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Battery Charging Control

Control the battery charging in the charging pile, including control of charging current, voltage and other parameters, thus ensuring the safety and efficiency of battery charging.

Output Voltage Control

Control the output voltage and current parameters of the charging station to ensure the safety and stability of electric vehicles during the charging process.

Equipment Protection

Protects electrical equipment in charging piles, such as charging batteries and transformers, from faults such as overcurrent and overvoltage.


Detect and diagnose faults in the charging pile system, such as over-current and over-voltage faults, and send alarm signals to the control system in time, so as to deal with the faults in time and guarantee the stable operation of the charging pile system.

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High-voltage DC fuses are used to protect against overcurrent conditions that could damage the charging station or the electric vehicle. The fuses are designed to interrupt the circuit in case of a fault, preventing further discharge of the battery and reducing the risk of safety hazards. 

Overcurrent Protection

Overcurrent may occur during the operation of the charging pile system. A high-voltage DC fuse can cut off the circuit in a short period of time, thus avoiding damage to the system equipment from overcurrent.

short Circuit Protection

If a short circuit occurs in the charging pile system, the high-voltage DC fuse can cut off the circuit in time, thus preventing damage to the battery, motor and other key components.

Rapid Disconnect Circuit

Reduce electromagnetic interference and noise in the circuit and improve the efficiency and stability of the charging post.

Auto Reset

When a circuit fault is removed, the fuse can be automatically reset, thus reducing manual intervention and increasing the automation of the system.

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