Quality Testing Laboratory

Our laboratory is committed to ensuring the quality of the products we manufacture. Through rigorous testing and evaluation, we are able to validate the performance, reliability, and safety of our products.

 HIITIO laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment and a professional technical team capable of conducting various critical tests to ensure that our products meet the highest industry standards and your requirements.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Our team members possess extensive professional knowledge and experience, enabling us to address the testing needs of different fields.

Multidisciplinary Expertise
Advanced Equipment

Advanced Equipment

We have invested in state-of-the-art testing equipment and instruments, including high and low-temperature alternating humidity chambers, high and low-temperature shock test chambers, DC electrical life testing equipment, mechanical life testing tables, and more.

Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

We can do a range of testing, including environmental testing, electrical life testing, mechanical load testing, performance testing, and general electrical testing, to ensure the quality of our products like high voltage fuses and high voltage contactors in various aspects.

Comprehensive Testing Capabilities
Strict Test Control

Strict Test Control

Adhering to international standards and best practices, strict control is exercised over the testing process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.

Main Testing Capabilities

Our laboratory offers a wide range of testing capabilities to ensure that our products meet high-quality and safety standards.

High and low temperature alternating humidity chamber 2

High and low-temperature alternating humidity chamber

  • Temperature and humidity range -50 ° C to 150 ° C, 20 to 98% RH
  • Heating rate ≥ 2 ~ 3 ° C / min, cooling rate ≥ 1 ° C / min
Low temperature shock test chamber

Low-temperature shock test chamber

  • High temperature zone 60℃ to 150℃
  • Low-temperature zone -50℃ to -10℃
  • Conversion time<10s
  • Temperature recovery time ≤5min

Environmental Testing

We use high and low-temperature alternating humidity chamber and high and low-temperature shock test chamber to evaluate the performance of products under different environmental conditions.

DC electrical life testing ability

DC electrical life testing ability

  • On/off DC voltage 1500V and below, current 2kA and below, time constant 1ms and below.
  • Short circuit breaking: 1000V and below, 20KA and below, energizing time 50ms-100ms.
AC electrical life testing ability

AC electrical life testing ability

AC voltage 690V and below, current 1000A and below.

Electrical Life Testing

Our DC and AC electrical life testing equipment allows us to conduct electrical performance and lifespan tests on products to ensure their stability and reliability.

Mechanical life testing

Mechanical life testing

  • DC 12V,24V,48V,AC 24V,110V,220V,380V
  • On-off time and number of times can be set
Electric vibration testing

Electric vibration testing

Frequency range 1-3200Hz, maximum acceleration 1000m/s²

Mechanical Load Testing

Our mechanical life testing table and electric vibration testing table simulate various loads and vibration conditions to assess the durability and reliability of products.

Programmable DC power supplies
Programmable DC power supplies 2

Programmable DC power supplies

  • Multiple DC power supplies, different gears to meet different needs (200A, 400A, 500A, 5000A,10kA)
  • 1-10kA current adjustable, power-on time can be set automatically.

Performance Testing

We provide programmable DC power supplies and temperature rise data acquisition systems to test performance indicators such as current and temperature.

General Electrical Testing

General Electrical Testing

We are equipped with comprehensive parameter safety compliance test systems, oscilloscopes, DC power supplies, resistance meters, and safety compliance test instruments to conduct comprehensive electrical tests on products.

Defective Products Analysis

For defective products that do not pass inspection, we conduct multiple analyses to determine the cause of the failure, so that we can continuously improve our processes and increase the yield rate.

X ray iamge intensifier

X ray

Analyzing internal product anomalies using X-rays

Manual Specimen Cutter

Specimen Cutter

Slicing the product to observe welding depth, riveted condition

Elemental Analyzer

Elemental Analyzer

Detecting the elemental content of products

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