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HIITIO UL 489 Approved Miniature Circuit Breakers have been designed for the protection of electrical installations against overload and short circuits and are manufactured in accordance with UL 489. Great choice for branch circuit protection, internal/external receptacles, external motors, and HACR equipment.

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UL489 miniature circuit breaker

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HIITIO is a first-tier electric products manufacturer located in Hangzhou China, dedicated to providing you with worry-free circuit protection. 

Partnering with our circuit breaker experts, choosing us is a wise decision for your circuit safety. 

UL489 circuit breaker is a reliable and certified electrical protection device that quickly interrupts the flow of current in the event of an overload or short circuit, ensuring safety and preventing damage to electrical systems.

Features of HIITIO UL489 MCBs

Increased Safety

UL489 circuit breakers provide robust protection against overloads and short circuits and help prevent electrical fires, equipment damage, and electrical hazards.

Wide Range of Applications

UL489 circuit breakers are available in various current ratings, voltage ratings, and interrupting capacities, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Durability and Reliability

UL489 circuit breakers are manufactured from durable materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their performance and long-term reliability.

Ease of installation and maintenance: UL489 circuit breakers are widely available and widely used, which means they are relatively easy to install and maintain.


UL489 circuit breakers can be reset after tripping, allowing for the restoration of power once the cause of the overcurrent or short circuit has been addressed.


Reliable Quality​

Unmatched reliability, adaptable performance, and peace of mind in safeguarding your electrical systems.


Low Minimum Order Quantity from 100 Pcs to make it easier for you to access our products.

Fast Delivery

Implement streamlined processes and logistics to ensure that your orders are delivered promptly.

Factory Capability

Dedicated team of 200+ staff with peak efficiency, seamless coordination, and unmatched quality control.

Perfect Service

We deliver a comprehensive service package, guaranteeing your satisfaction, safety, and ongoing support.

All you should know about UL489 circuit breaker

What is a UL489 circuit breaker?

UL 489 circuit breakers, commonly referred to as branch circuit protectors, are utilized to protect electrical conductors from the effects of thermal overloads and short circuits. 

Use UL 489 circuit breakers to ensure your electrical conductors are properly protected and to deliver power to nearly any type of load including motors, heaters, lamps, etc.

UL489 circuit breaker structure

The structure of a UL489 circuit breaker typically consists of the following components: Enclosure, Contacts, Operating Mechanism, Trip Mechanism, Arc Extinction System, Calibration and Adjustment Mechanisms, etc.

Installation of UL489 circuit breaker

Circuit breaker mountable on standard 35mm DIN rails with optional feet for front-and-bottom mounting. The nut wiring specification of this product is 14-4AWG, and the tightening torque during installation is 3.5N.m.

When to use UL 489, when to use UL 1077?

UL489 circuit breakers protect multiple devices, like control panels. UL 1077 supplementary protectors are for single devices, excluding motors or transformers. Supplementary protectors are used when UL 489 protection isn’t needed. 

A UL 489 circuit breaker can act as the sole overcurrent device, while UL 1077 can’t replace it. It’s crucial to note that a UL 489 circuit breaker can replace a UL 1077 supplemental protection device, but the reverse is not allowed – a UL 1077 device cannot be used as a UL 489 branch.

How do UL 489 circuit breakers contribute to electrical system reliability?

UL 489 circuit breakers contribute to electrical system reliability by preventing damage caused by excessive current, minimizing downtime, and protecting equipment from potential hazards.

Can UL 489 circuit breakers be reset after tripping?

Yes, UL 489 circuit breakers are designed to be reset after tripping, allowing for the restoration of power to the protected circuit once the cause of the overcurrent or short circuit has been addressed.

Applications of UL 489 Circuit Breakers

Power Supply Equipment

UPS power supply, switching power supply, inverter power supply.

HACR Equipment

Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.

House Appliances

UL489 circuit breakers are commonly used in residential electrical distribution panels to protect circuits supplying power to lighting, appliances, and other household equipment.

Industrial Control Cabinet

UL489 circuit breakers are employed in industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and construction sites, to protect electrical machinery, motors, control panels, and other industrial equipment.


Yes, UL489 circuit breakers can be manually reset after a trip. Once the fault condition is cleared, the circuit breaker can be reset by moving the operating mechanism to the “ON” position. However, it is important to investigate and resolve the cause of the trip before resetting the circuit breaker.

Yes, UL489 circuit breakers are commonly used in three-phase electrical systems. They can provide overcurrent protection for each phase and are available in configurations suitable for three-phase applications. It is important to select the appropriate voltage and current ratings to meet the specific requirements of the three-phase system.

Yes, UL489 circuit breakers can be used in combination with other protective devices, such as fuses or residual current devices (RCDs), to provide additional layers of protection. These devices can supplement the overcurrent protection provided by UL489 circuit breakers and provide specialized protection against certain types of electrical faults.

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