The EV&EVSE High Speed Fuse Series, designed in accordance with North American standards (round body), features a construction using fiberglass materials and a traditional bolted connection design. 

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EV&EVSE High Speed Fuse (North American Style)​

As a prominent electrical components manufacturer, HIITIO specializes in high-voltage DC applications. We hold prestigious certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and IATF16949, attesting to our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, occupational health and safety, and automotive industry standards.

There are four series of fuses designed to ensure the safety of power systems. The EV&EVSE High-Speed Fuse rated current range spans from 35 to 800amp, with rated voltages of 500V, 750V, and 1000VDC, and a breaking capacity of up to 50kA.

It extends circuit protection to thyristors, silicon-controlled rectifiers, diodes, and various other solid-state components. It boasts exceptional DC interrupting capability, low energy let-through (I²t), and low peak current (IPEAK).

Features of HIITIO EV&EVSE High Speed Fuse

High Voltage&Current Efficiency

  • Optimizes overall system efficiency, allowing the use of smaller, cost-effective conductors without compromising on higher voltage requirements.
  • provides greater flexibility and applicability, ensuring effectiveness in various operational environments.

High-Performance Protection

  • Offers up to ten times faster opening under high-fault current conditions, ensuring lightning-fast and dependable protection for safeguarding circuits and vital components.

Compact Design

  • Engineered for space efficiency, the compact design of this fuse minimizes its footprint, making it particularly suitable for high-density electronic devices.
  • Attribute aids in reducing equipment dimensions, enhancing overall system integration.

Compliant with Rigorous Standards

  • Complies with multiple international standards: UL248.13 / IEC60269.6 / GB31465.6 / JASO-D622 / ISO8820.8, and CE.
  • Obtained the manufacturing process certification under the IATF16949 quality system, meeting the stringent requirements of the automotive industry.


Competitive Price

  • Optimized supply chain, establishing close ties with reliable suppliers
  • Plan procurement, managing inventory
  • Optimized supplier delivery structures

Production capacity

  • 4 semi-automatic production lines and 1 fully automated production line to further enhance productivity and quality control

Quality Control

Comprehensive Certifications

  • UL, cUL, CSA, CE, CB, TUV, SEMKO, CCC, VDE, and more.
  • Actively researching customer needs and industry trends, seeking additional certifications.

R&D Capability

  • Independent laboratory for electrical life testing, breaking capacity testing, high and low temperature testing, etc. 
  • 30+ people R&D team with 10+ years developing experience


  • Pre-sales Services: product consultation, technical support, customized solutions, sample service, and fast delivery.
  • After-sales Services: Respond to your questions and complaints in a timely manner and provide the best solution.

All you should know about high speed fuse

What is High Speed Fuse?

A high-speed fuse, also known as a fast-acting fuse, is a type of electrical safety device designed to protect electrical circuits and equipment from over-current or short-circuit conditions. These fuses are designed to quickly interrupt the flow of electrical current when an over-current event occurs, thus preventing damage to the circuit or connected equipment.

What is the role of quartz sand in fuses?

One of the primary roles of quartz sand in fuses is to enhance the arc-quenching capability of the fuse. Quartz sand has high thermal conductivity and insulating properties, with a large contact area with the electrical arc.

When a fuse operates and interrupts a high-current fault, an electrical arc forms between the melting fuse element’s ends. Quartz sand is used to fill the arc-quenching chamber within the fuse. As the arc enters this chamber, the quartz sand helps to cool and quench the arc by absorbing the heat generated. This facilitates a faster and more reliable interruption of the electrical circuit, ensuring that the fault current is quickly extinguished.

What’s the structure of North American Style High Speed Fuse?

high speed fuse structure

The EV&EVSE High-Speed Fuse boasts a sophisticated structure with a fiberglass main housing, chosen for its high dielectric strength, effectively withstanding high voltages to prevent breakdown. This material minimizes the risk of unintended electrical contact and enhances safety against electrical shock or short circuits.

A copper-silver hybrid as a fuse element offers superior electrical conductivity, thermal stability, and corrosion resistance, balancing cost and performance. Silver’s high melting point ensures stability during normal operations, while quickly melting under overload conditions, providing adaptability to meet different circuit requirements.

Copper, as a material for the end connector, offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, and corrosion resistance, while being cost-effective.

How do I select a suitable high speed fuse?

When selecting a fuse, the primary consideration is the rated voltage, which is the nominal voltage value at which the fuse can safely interrupt under specific conditions:

  1. Ensure the safety interrupting voltage is generally ≥1.1Un; for AC690V circuits, it should be ≥1.05Un, with some categories requiring it to be ≥Un.
  2. Consider the impact of circuit inductance (L) on interrupting capability. In AC circuits, power factor (cosf) is a key indicator, while in DC circuits, time constant (L/R) is the critical parameter.
  3. Consider the rated current (In) when selecting a fuse, reflecting its safe current passage under standard conditions. Align it with the circuit’s load and expected over-current to ensure long-term reliable performance. For North American gN and gD classes, the fuse’s rated current should exceed the applied load current multiplied by 1.25.
  4. The fuse style, size, structure, and connections carefully for short-circuit protection, ensuring compatibility with system requirements. Comply with relevant certification standards for the fuse’s standard system. Focus on protection current range and characteristics based on the category to meet application requirements.
  5. Consider altitude-induced corrections to the current-carrying capacity parameter. For every 100 meters in altitude, the fuse’s temperature rise may increase by 0.1-0.5k. In enclosed environments, derate rated current by 2%-5% for every 1000 meter increase in altitude. Altitude impacts air insulation strength, necessitating checks and corrections. Derating is unnecessary under normal conditions below 2000 meters.

Applications of High Speed Fuse

EV HEV solution 4 3

E-mobility Application

The HCHVF Series, with voltage specifications of 500V, 750V, and 1000V, is well-suited for diverse E-mobility applications, offering robust over-current protection.

In passenger cars, these fuses ensure reliable power distribution, while in electric trucks and heavy-duty vehicles, they effectively manage higher currents. Specifically designed for industrial forklifts, North American fiberglass fuses excel in safeguarding intricate electrical systems, ensuring precision and durability.

Their ability to swiftly interrupt high currents not only protects vehicle components but also enhances overall operational reliability. This feature is crucial in the demanding logistics and transportation industry, making the HCHVF Series a versatile solution for various electric vehicle applications.

charging station 800 1

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Application

In the EVSE sector, the HCHVF series are integral to charging infrastructure, spanning charging piles, stations, and plants, which contribute to the efficiency and safety of the evolving EVSE landscape, addressing the unique requirements of each application.

Designed for public charging spaces, with voltages from 500V to 1000V, they ensure reliable protection, enhancing safety in public networks. Within charging stations, their robust design safeguards intricate electrical systems, managing diverse currents for seamless power distribution. Transitioning to charging plants with higher power demands, these fuses excel in handling elevated currents, ensuring reliability in large-scale facilities.

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Battery Pack Protection

In the realm of battery pack protection, HIITIO stands as a pioneer with the North American Style High-Speed Fuse. Tailored to shield battery packs from over-current challenges, our fuse incorporates advanced semiconductor technology for swift response. Whether in electric vehicles or stationary applications, HIITIO ensures the integrity of your battery packs.

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Energy Storage System Application

In the context of energy storage applications, where managing high currents is essential, North American fiberglass fuses excel in swiftly interrupting elevated currents, thereby protecting the integrity of the storage systems. 

Their characteristics, including precision in current management and durability, make them well-suited for the demanding requirements of energy storage at 1000V, contributing to the overall safety and efficiency of these critical systems.


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