HCDP Series 1P Definite Purpose Contactor for HVAC and Refrigeration Application

  • Certificates: UL-E246810; CSA-256361
  • Application: HVACR
  • Standard: UL508, UL60947, ARI 780/790
  • RoHS Compliance
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Product action reliability design

Product Highlights:

Reliable pull-in at 70%~110%Us, carrying line voltage fluctuation

Magnetic Force

The influence of voltage fluctuation:

Considering line voltage fluctuation is an inevitable phenomenon in most application scenarios, short-term pressure loss will cause the contactor to malfunction and affect the operation of the equipment; Frequent pressure loss will cause frequent contactor release, affecting product life and equipment life.

The influence of voltage fluctuation

Method to realize

Matching calculation of suction force and reaction force curve to ensure reliable suction.

Product Highlights:

Reasonable iron core and magnetic split ring, no vibration after 75% Us is attracted

The influence of vibration:

Affect product life and temperature rise;

Method to realize:

Through the optimized design of the short-circuit ring to ensure sufficient retention.

Design of Product Reliability

Product Highlight

Coil protective cover design to better protect the iron core;

Design of Product Reliability

Damage of Unprotected

Most of the application scenarios are dusty and the iron core is not protected, which will cause the iron core area to be gray, then affect the product performance;

Product Advantage

Silver contact point protection treatment ensures long-term low contact resistance and connection reliability;

Silver contact point protection treatment

Influence of Unprotected

Silver contact points are easy to vulcanize, which affects product contact resistance; no power after the action;

Method to realize

Increasing the cleaning of a silver contact point and the high-temperature protection treatment process, extending the vulcanization cycle of the silver contact point to make the contact resistance change slowly;

Product Advantage

AgCdO2 silver contact point and the uniform thickness of the silver layer ensure the electrical life;

Design of Product Practicality

Product Highlight

Full series of standard quick-connect terminals. In addition to the quick-connect terminal, there are two options for Screw connection method, and being arbitrarily matched;

quick connect terminal

Product Highlight

The bottom plate is installed with a porous design, and the installation size can be freely selected;

Junction box Terminal

Product Highlight

3P&4P accessory auxiliary contact point has multiple combinations choice, and there are micro switch types to ensure low current reliability;

Bottom Plate Mounting Holes


  • Air conditioning
  • Resistive heating
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Motors
  • Welding
  • Pumps
  • Power supplies
  • Food service equipment
  • Compressors
  • Business machines
  • Lighting

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