HIITIO Introduces UL489 Circuit Breaker Series for Enhanced Electrical Protection

HIITIO, a leading provider of high-voltage DC electrical devices, is proud to announce the launch of its new UL489 circuit breaker series (Model Number: HCB1U-60), which has obtained UL489 certification, ensuring the highest level of safety and quality in compliance with industry standards.

Certificate Number: UL-US-2342759-0

Designed to provide excellent over-current and short-circuit protection, these circuit breakers offer enhanced safety and control for various AC electrical systems.

The UL489 circuit breaker series includes models with different pole configurations, such as 1 pole, 2 poles, and 3 poles, catering to a wide range of application needs. With voltage ratings up to 240VAC and current ratings up to 125A, these circuit breakers are suitable for diverse industries and environments.

Featuring a detachable metal bracket, the circuit breakers offer flexible installation options, including flush mount, surface mount, and safe removal for DIN35 rail mounting. The innovative wiring design allows for multiple quick connecting terminals, simplifying the installation process.

The UL489 circuit breaker series from HIITIO finds applications in various industries, including industrial automation, telecommunications, power supply systems, renewable energy, marine, and more. The circuit breakers offer reliable protection for computers, control systems, elevators, mobile power equipment, and other critical electrical installations.

For more information about the UL489 circuit breaker series and other HIITIO products, please contact us.

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