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Trending of Micro Inverter Market

Driven by the global strategy of carbon neutrality, the installed capacity of new energy generation systems such as wind power and photovoltaics (PV) is growing rapidly. The development of inverters, a core component of PV systems, is attracting a lot of attention. Micro inverters, which are known for their high efficiency and safety, are attracting the attention of the industry and have enormous development potential.

Micro inverters are mainly used in distributed PV systems. Despite the relatively low global penetration of distributed PV systems due to factors such as high cost and application constraints, the global shipment of micro inverters will increase from 1.03 GW in 2017 to 3.61 GW in 2021, driven by the increasing application of distributed PV systems in the residential and commercial sectors.

According to the statistics, the global shipment of microinverters is expected to reach 7.93 GW in 2022, with an estimated shipment of 11.39 GW in that year. The market size is estimated at 25.82 billion yuan and is expected to exceed 50 billion yuan by 2032.

In terms of regional distribution, microinverters currently have strong regional characteristics worldwide. Shipments in North America account for about 70% of the total volume, Europe contributes 15-20%, while Asia Pacific and other regions have a relatively small share. In terms of market share, overseas company Enphase dominates, while Chinese companies such as Hoymiles, HIITIO and Deye are rapidly gaining ground.

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What is Micro Inverter and the Advantages

A solar micro inverter, or micro inverter (microinverter) for short, is a portable and easy-to-install photovoltaic device. It is capable of converting the direct current (DC) generated by a single solar module into alternating current (AC). Unlike conventional string and central inverters, microinverters use a one-to-one connection where each solar module is paired with a microinverter.

Because each solar panel has its micro inverter, the micro inverter system offers greater reliability and flexibility. If one solar panel is shaded or malfunctions, the other panels can continue to operate normally without affecting the performance of the entire system. 

In addition, the micro inverter system can monitor the power generation of each solar panel in real-time, allowing for more accurate data monitoring and fault diagnosis.

The outputs of several micro inverters can be combined via grid-connected boxes or collectors and finally fed into the grid. This grid-connected approach makes the solar system more flexible and allows it to be expanded and adapted according to actual demand. In addition, the micro inverter system has a high efficiency to maximize the use of solar energy and convert it into usable alternating current (AC).

Overall, solar micro inverters are advanced photovoltaic devices that provide reliable solar power solutions for residential and commercial users by converting direct current into alternating current. Their flexibility, reliability and efficiency make them one of the most important technological innovations in the solar industry today.

Top10 Micro Inverter Manufacturers


Top 10 micro inverter manufacturers 1

Founded in 2006, Enphase focuses on the design, development, and sale of PV-based solutions for home energy supply. The company primarily targets residential and commercial markets in North America, Europe, and Australia. Due to its strong focus on the micro inverter market, Enphase ranks in the top 10 for global PV inverter shipments. The company has shipped more than 48 million microinverters to 2.5 million solar systems in more than 140 countries.


Top 10 micro inverter manufacturers 2

Founded in 2012, HIITIO is a high-tech new energy company headquartered in Zhejiang, China. As a leading company in the field of solar energy technology, HIITIO is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality micro inverters and providing innovative solutions for the global solar energy industry.

HIITIO’s micro inverters are key components of solar energy systems with power ratings from 300W to 2800W and CE/VDE. They convert the direct current (DC) generated by solar modules into alternating current (AC), providing reliable power for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. HIITIO’s products are characterized by advanced technology and intelligent control systems and offer advantages such as high efficiency, reliability, and modular design.

Over the years, HIITIO’s products have been used worldwide and have won the trust of customers. With excellent quality and reliable performance, the company offers its customers high-quality products and comprehensive technical support.


Top 10 micro inverter manufacturers 3

Hoymiles was founded in 2012 and went public on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board in 2021. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of PV inverters, energy storage devices, complete electrical appliances and related products. Micro inverters are the company’s flagship product and account for more than 80% of sales.


Top 10 micro inverter manufacturers 4

GoodWe is a pioneering and forward-looking company specializing in the research, development and production of photovoltaic (PV) inverters and various energy storage systems.

GoodWe offers reliable operation and outstanding performance, and the company’s customers around the world speak highly of them. GoodWe’s success is measured by the success of its customers. This is achieved by seeking out and integrating the most advanced components and methods in the industry while providing customer service that is second to none.


Top 10 micro inverter manufacturers 5

Founded in 2009, NEP is a high-tech new energy company based in Silicon Valley, USA, and Suzhou, China. The company has more than a decade of experience in research and development and manufacturing of MLPE (module-level power electronics). Its main products are micro inverters, rapid shutdown PV system devices, and energy storage. The company has offices in the United States and Japan and factories in Thailand. 


Top 10 micro inverter manufacturers 6

Founded in 2010, Chilicon Power is a micro inverter company based in California, USA. It specializes in the research, development and industrialization of micro inverters, solar energy storage systems and MLPE (module-level power electronics). The product portfolio includes micro inverters, intelligent disconnectors, power optimizers, the intelligent monitoring and operating platform EMA and photovoltaic system solutions.


Top 10 micro inverter manufacturers 7

SPARQ Systems was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Canada. The company is primarily engaged in the research, production and distribution of photovoltaic inverters. The flagship of the product line, the Quad series, has four independent DC input channels that allow independent peak power tracking for up to four solar modules. According to the company’s official website, its micro inverter product, the Q2000 Quad, has received regulatory certification. 


Top 10 micro inverter manufacturers 8

The Fronius solar inverter differs from other inverters in that it uses a fan-based cooling system rather than the heat sink technology found in other solar inverters. On the other hand, the Fronius Solar Inverter is larger compared to other solar inverters. Due to its fan-based cooling system, the Fronius Solar Inverter is quite noisy when starting and switching off, so it is not suitable for residential buildings.


Top 10 micro inverter manufacturers 9

SMA, founded in 1981 and headquartered in Niestetal, Germany, is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of professional inverters for photovoltaic applications. The company is mainly involved in the development, production, and distribution of photovoltaic inverters. According to a post, two companies have signed a 1 GW global strategic cooperation agreement with SMA, under which the two parties will cooperate extensively on commercial and ground-mounted energy storage projects worldwide.


Top 10 micro inverter manufacturers 10

Founded in 2000, Deye is a global new energy technology company. It was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in April 2021. The company has four core industrial areas: solar inverters, frequency control systems, environmental electrical appliances and heat exchangers. Its inverters include string inverters from 1 kW to 110 kW, energy storage inverters from 3 kW to 50 kW and micro-grid inverters from 300 W to 2000 W.


With the national PV inverter vigorously promoted, along with the decentralized PV accounted for an increase in the proportion of micro inverter demand will show explosive growth, the future with the PV power generation technology update iteration to accelerate, the PV inverter market may achieve further expansion. 

At the same time, the micro inverter as a smaller power PV inverter, in terms of the household sector will also be subject to further development, and the market size will gradually increase.

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