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Mitigate Power Loss of Your PV System High Efficiently and extend Service Life of PV Module.

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Include a 25 years design life work perfectly to increase power (3.8%~25.7%) and optimize PV array performance so as to shorten the ROI period.

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Solar Power Optimizer 03

PV Module MPPT External Optimizer 460W

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PV Module MPPT External Optimizer 600W

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Smart Solar Power Optimizer HS4-A-O

Features of Smart Solar Power Optimizer

  • 99.5% peak conversion efficiency
  • Applied to all types of module mis-match loss
  • Maximum input power: 800Wp
  • Withstand extreme conditions under -40℃-85℃
  • Certification: TUV

Power Optimisation​

  • Applied to all types of module mismatch loss
  • Retrieve 3% ~ 25% power generation loss
  • Safer and Durable

  • Δ < 10℃ Anti-Hotspot, more safe and durable
  • 25 years of design service life
  • Communication Technology and Real-time monitoring

  • With wireless 2.4GHz communication
  • Real-time monitoring of monolithic photovoltaic panel power generation
  • Advantage of Long String Installation (Voltage Limiting)

  • 30% Long string installation available due to Voltage Limitin
  • Shading & Obstructions

    Hiitio solar optimizers can be used to solve the current mismatch issues caused by shading arising from the shadow, snow remnants, dust deposits, fallen leaves, bird droppings and weather, etc. for solar panel installation to optimize the power output from each solar panel individually.

    Solar Panels Are Partially or Fully Shaded at Certain Times. If one panel in a solar system is shaded, energy production is significantly affected. So, if you constantly experience even partial shading, you should seriously consider solar optimisers. These optimisers will ensure that unshaded panels operate optimally while also providing the best possible power output from the shaded panel.


    Shadow Shading

    Large scale PV station
    Distributed Generation


    Snow Remnants

    Unevenness caused by snow and snow remnants and icing


    Dust Deposit

    Ununiformity lead to current mismatch even hotspot


    Fallen Leaves

    Shading from leaves that are not cleared in time

    Complex Project Layouts

    Easily meet your most complex project layouts by placing Power Optimizers at multiple orientations, tilts and on different panel types in the same string using Maximum Power Point Tracking.

    With Australia located in the southern hemisphere, the sun’s direction moves towards the north.
    Thus, north-facing solar panels deliver the best output. East and west-facing panels will reduce output by 10 – 20%, while north-facing panels can reduce output by roughly 28%.
    That said, if your complicated roof causes your solar panels to face different directions, you will certainly benefit from optimisers, as they can maximise the output of your panels.


    Orientation Difference

    The angle of sunlight varies throughout the day.


    Multiple Roof Slopes

    i.e. east panels in series with
    West: +12% energy increase


    Tilt Angles

    i.e. 10°panels in series with 25°panels: +1.6% energy increase


    Multi blocks

    Strings of different facing and more modules

    Why Choose Us

    Based on power optimization chip, HITTIO anti-hot spot panel-level optimizers are safer and reliable that can be used to mitigate all types of panel mis-match loss from shading, aging to orientation difference, dust and snow accumulation etc. so as to maxmize the energy output of your roof-top and ground mount PV system and extend the service life of PV modules.


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    More Power & Revenue​

    HIITIO Solar Power Optimizers enable each individual panel in a PV array to work independently with high efficiency.
    Any underperforming panel will not affect others in the PV system, eliminating mismatch power losses arising from shading, complex project layouts, aging etc., contributing to higher energy production.

    Safer and Durable

    Non-hotspot on panels by installing Hittio PV Optimizers, reducing safety risks.
    Hittio weather-resistant module-level optimizers are IP68 rated and able to withstand harsh environment under -40℃-85℃ with 25-year design service life.

    Widely Applicable​

    Hittio solar power optimizers are all pre-assembled MC4 connectors applicable to all types of solar panels with easy installation and maintenance.

    Monitoring with Module-Level Visibility

    Based on wireless 2.4GHz communication and real-time monitoring of each individual panel, Hiitio optimizers could achieve panel-level performance insight and ensure precise problem-traceability for EPCs and O&M personnel on desktop monitoring platform and mobile monitoring app.

    Solar energy module level monitoring

    Easier Operation

    10 Seconds Per Module
    Each HS4 connects to the PV module at the junction box and clips to the module frame.
    No Ground Wire Required
    HS4 does not need a separate ground wire or mounting bolts for installations.
    Water And Corrosion Resistant
    HS4 are weather-resistant MLPE and also IP68 rated and able to withstand harsh environments under -40℃-85℃

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    Happy Customers

    After years of dedicated efforts and accumulation, we have acquired a group of loyal customers. They are spread across the globe, spanning multiple continents. We are immensely proud to be their trusted PV optimizer supplier.

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