400W PV Micro Inverter

  • Single unit connects up to two PV modules
  • Maximum 400W AC output power
  • Single phase output, Flexible 3-phase PV system
  • WIFI communication and cloud monitoring
  • Up to 10 units(230V) per branch
  • Customizable various input (DV PV) voltage range
  • Integrated AC bus cable, Ready-To-Use
  • Low cost, Easy installation
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Single phase connection method of micro inverter

400W PV Micro Inverter 3
  • HCMI400 @Single-Phase 230V grid Maximum 10 units HCMI400 Microinverters per branch.
  • The max DC input power of each inverter is 400W (the PV module max output power is 1x400W).
  • The VOC of PV modules should not be greater than the max DC input voltage of Microinverters.

Technical Specifications

Model HCMI-400
Input Data (DC, PV)
Number of Input MC4 Connector 1 set
MPPT Voltage Range 22V-48V
Operation Voltage Range 22-50V
Maximum Input Voltage 52V
Startup Voltage 22V
Maximum input power 400W
Maximum input Current 12A
Output Data(AC)
Single-Phase Grid Type 120V&230V
Rated Output Power 400W
Maximum Output Power 400W
Nominal Output Current @120VAC:5A/@230VAC:2.6A
Nominal Output Voltage 120VAC /230VAC
Default Output Voltage Range @120VAC:80V-160V /@230VAC:180V-270V
Nominal Output Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Default Output Frequency Range @50Hz:48Hz-51Hz/@60Hz:58Hz-61Hz
Power Factor >99%
Total Harmonic Distortion THD <5%
Maximum Units per Branch @120VAC:5units /@230VAC: 10units
Nominal MPPT Efficiency 99.5%
Peak Efficiency 95%
Night Power Consumption <1W
Mechanical Data
Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to +65°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +85C
Dimensions (L × W × H) 185mmx160mm x 40mm
Weight 1.2kg
Max Current of AC Bus Cable 20A
Waterproof rating IP65
Cooling Mode Natural Convection- No Fans
Other Features
Communication WIFI(Cloud monitoring)
Power transmission mode Reverse transfer,load priority
Monitoring System Mobile APP, PC browser
Transformer Design High Frequency Transformers,Galvanically Isolated
Integrated Ground Equipment ground is provided by the PE in the AC cable. No additional ground is required.
Protection Functions lsolated Island Protection,Voltage Protection,
Frequency Protection,
Temperature Protection,Current Protection, etc.
Design Compliance EN IEC61000-3-2:2019+A1:2021,
EN 61000-3-3:2013+A1:2019+A2:2021,
EN IEC55014-2:2021,EN IEC55014-2:2021
Certificate CE


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