New AC IEC Contactors of Hecheng Electric CO. is Coming Soon: HC6 Series

IEC AC Contactors: HC6 Series Contactors

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1 Application Range

       1.1 HC6 series AC contactor, novel appearance, compact structure. It is mainly used for frequently
starting and controlling AC motors, connecting and disconnecting circuits at a distance, and forming
electromagnetic starters with appropriate thermal overload relays.

       1.2 Standard: UL 60947-1, UL 60947-4-1, GB/T 14048.1/IEC 60947-1, GB/T 14048.4/IEC 60947-4-1,
GB/T 14048.5/IEC 60947-5-1, GB 21518。

2 Main Parameter

       2.1 Rated operational current (Ie): 6-100A                                    2.2 Rated operational voltage (Ue): Up to 690V

       2.3 Rated insulation voltage (Ui): 690V                                         2.4 Number of Pole: 3P, 4P (HC6-06M – 12M)

       2.5 Coil control mode: AC                                                             2.6 Mounting Support: DIN Rail, Plate

3 Normal service conditions and mounting conditions

Installation Category
Pollution Degree3
StandardUL 60947-1, UL 60947-4-1, GB/T 14048.1/IEC 60947-1, GB/T
14048.4/IEC 60947-4-1, GB/T 14048.5/IEC 60947-5-1, GB
Enclosure protection classIP20/IP00
Ambient Air TemperatureNormal of working temperature -25°C – +60°C, its average over
a period of 24h does not exceed +35°C.
Atmospheric ConditionsThe relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50% at a
maximum temperature of +40°C.
Higher relative humidity may be permitted at lower temperatures,
e.g. 90 % at +20°C.
Special measures may be necessary in cases of occasional
condensation due to variations in temperature.
Mounting ConditionsThe inclination of mounting surface and vertical plane is not more
than ±22.5°.
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4 Model description conditions

HC6 – 0 M /22 /N 220V 50/60H
Company Code
Rated Current:06=6A;  09=9A;   12=12A;   18=18A;   25=25A;   32=32A;  38=38A;   40=40A;   50=50A;   65=65A;   75=75A;   85=85A;   100=100A;   115=115A;   150=150A;   (115A、150A developing)
Contactor Type:M: For 06 – 12 A Mini contactor Nil: For 09 – 100 A contactor
Auxiliary Contact Type:10: 1 NO (only Mini contactor) 01: 1 NC (only Mini contactor) Nil: For 09 –100 A contactor (09-18 A contactors are equipped with 1 NO and 1NC auxiliary contacts.)
Main Contact Type:22: 2 NO + 2 NC (only Mini and 09-18 4-Pole AC contactor) 40: 4 NO (only Mini and 09-18 4-Pole AC contactor)                                                    Nil: For 09 –100 A contactor
Special Function:N: Reversing contactor                                                                                  Nil: Non-Reversing contactor
Control Circuit Voltage:24V;   36V;   48V;   110V;  127V;  220V;  230V;   240V;   380V;   415V

5.Description of use category

The load properties and current changes during on-off process of different electrical equipment vary greatly, so the requirements for contactors are also different. GB/T 14048.1 standard specifies the use categories of contactors, which are characterized by one or more of the following use conditions:
● Current, expressed as a multiple of rated current
● Voltage, expressed as a multiple of rated working voltage
● Power factor or time constant
● Short circuit performance
● selectivity
● Other conditions of use (if applicable)
The main application categories of HC6 series AC contactors are as follows:
Use category of AC main circuit
This category applies to all AC loads with a power factor greater than or equal to 0.95.
For example: heating, power distribution.
This category is applied to the starting, reverse braking and inching of slip ring motor.
When closed, the contactor turns on the starting current, which is about 2.5 times the rated current of the motor.
When disconnected, the contactor must disconnect the starting current when the voltage is less than or equal to the main power supply.
This category shall be used to disconnect normally started squirrel cage motors.
When closed, the contactor turns on the starting current, which is about 7 times the rated current of the motor.
During disconnection, the contactor disconnects the rated current of the motor. At this time, the voltage at the terminal of the contactor is
about 20% of the main power supply, and the disconnection is not severe.
For example: all standard squirrel cage motors: vertical ladder, escalator, conveyor belt, excavator, air compressor, pump, mixer, air
conditioner, etc.
This category includes reverse braking and inching of squirrel cage motor and slip ring motor.
The contactor connects 5 to 7 times the rated motor current, breaks the same current under higher voltage, and the motor speed is lower.
At this time, the voltage is the same as the main voltage, and the breaking is very severe.
For example: printing machinery, wire drawing machine, tower crane, hoisting, metallurgical industry.
Use category of control circuit
The working system shall be used for starting, reverse current braking and inching of DC shunt motor. Duration ≤ 2 ms.
This category applies to switching electromagnetic loads.
This category is applied to switching electromagnetic loads. When the electromagnet is closed, the pull-in power is greater than 72 VA.
Example: operating coil of switch contactor

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