Motor Control Contactor Manufacturer In China Since 2004

AC Contactors (IEC) for power systems, industrial automation, and building automation. Meeting your needs in achieving reliable circuit switching and protection, optimizing energy management, and enhancing system efficiency.
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We Design, and Manufacture Motor Contactors

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Features of Our Motor Contactors

High Performance

  • Insulation voltage up to 1000V
  • IP 40/IP 66 dustproof and waterproof magnetic starter

High Reliability

  • The auxiliary contact adopts double-contact design, effectively transmitting PLC and other electronic signals.

High Safety

  • UL94 compliant plastics with the highest flammability ratings,
  • Designed to meet IP 20 safety protection to prevent the risk of electric shock to personnel.


  • Environmentally friendly recyclable materials, RoHs compliant

Extreme Environmental Adaptation

  • Operating temperature -20~55℃
  • Relative humidity 45~85% RH
  • Poster height up to 4000m (2000m above the reduced capacity)

Long Service Life

  • Mechanical life 5 million times,
  • Electrical life (AC-3) 1 million cycles

How We Boost Your Business

HIITIO offers not only products and services you can depend on, but also a convenient, cost-effective partnership that will help your business grow.

Strict quality control of incoming materials

Control product quality from the source

Our constant temperature and humidity instrument room is equipped with a variety of testing equipment, which can conduct the following tests on incoming materials to ensure that the key component materials, size, strength, and post-processing are qualified:

In-house Production of Core Components

Quality-Oriented Manufacturing

Our core components are entirely self-produced, including the arc extinguishing chamber, base, and coil assembly of the contactors, as well as the mechanism seat of thermal relays, silver contact points riveting.

Highly Automated Production Line

Ensuring Flawless Delivery with Strong Production Efficiency

We employ advanced automation in our assembly process, enabling automatic loading and unloading, riveting, stacking, and grinding, with an annual production capacity of 2 million units.

Flexible and Agile Assembly Line

Meeting Your Specific Assembly Needs

We can customize specifications and select optional features based on your specific project requirements. Our relay engineers and assembly personnel are more than willing to assist you in achieving cost optimization.


100% Finished Product Testing

More Than Just a Promise

For every single product, we conduct characteristic measurements and visual inspections. Our electrical durability testing follows industry benchmarks, ensuring adherence to industry standards and specifications.


Environmental Testing

We use high and low-temperature alternating humidity chambers and high and low-temperature shock test chambers to evaluate the performance of products under different environmental conditions.

Complete test environment
Electrical Life Testing

Electrical Life Testing

Our DC and AC electrical life testing equipment allows us to conduct electrical performance and lifespan tests on products to ensure their stability and reliability.

Mechanical Load Testing

Our mechanical life testing table and electric vibration testing table simulate various loads and vibration conditions to assess the durability and reliability of products.

Mechanical Load Testing
General Electrical Testing

General Electrical Testing

We are equipped with comprehensive parameter safety compliance test systems, oscilloscopes, DC power supplies, resistance meters, and safety compliance test instruments to conduct comprehensive electrical tests on products.

What Makes HIITIO Stand Out

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Established in 2004 as a subsidiary of Hengcheng Electric, HIITIO® is a specialist in manufacturing AC/DC electrical devices for motor control, HVAC/R, EV, solar energy, and energy storage applications. With three factories, multiple production lines for core products, two strong R&D teams, and well-equipped research and testing laboratories, we possess a robust supply capability to meet your needs.


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Our Customers Are Our Right to Exist!

Our experience, knowledge, understanding of businesses and true partnership have earned us many loyal customers.

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