Holding the baton, Hecheng Electric continues to write a new chapter of the new energy exhibition

Information Abstract: On December 1, 2022, the three-day (2022.11.27-12.1) European Energy and Power Exhibition (Enlit Europe) came to a successful conclusion at the Frankfurt am Main Convention and Exhibition Center in Germany. Our company defied the epidemic, courageous pioneering, overcome all the challenges and difficulties to Germany to expand the market, seize the first opportunity, increase confidence, take orders, and spread and sincere electrical corporate brand and philosophy.

Holding the baton, He Cheng Electric continues to write a new chapter of the new energy exhibition (3)

ENLIT Europe is one of the largest industry exhibitions and conferences in the European energy sector, covering all aspects of the energy agenda. The event hosted over 18,000 visitors, 700 international exhibitors, more than 250 international utilities, 14 national pavilions and 113 countries. Energy professionals from around the world came together to collaborate, exchange and innovate to address the most pressing issues in the energy sector. The show covers the energy sectors of electricity, water, heat and gas, covering topics such as smart metering, smart grid, data management, smart home, AMR & AMI, communications & IT, energy retail and more.

Despite the risk of epidemic, but the exhibition has not lost any enthusiasm, the exhibition site is crowded, visitors have stopped to exchange. 3 days, although short but full, we are full of spirit to meet each customer’s arrival, each greeting, an interaction and a farewell, let us feel the trust and affirmation, enhance our confidence, and promote the HeCheng electrical continue to move forward, growing.

Zhejiang HeCheng Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. from the fixed exhibition, the exhibition to the exhibition, the strength of the group team, we are actively involved, planning, successful presentation. This exhibition our company displayed a variety of products, mainly involving new energy field products, such as high-voltage DC contactors and fuses, BDUs, convergence boxes, DC surge and circuit breakers, photovoltaic optimizers and fast shutdown, micro inverters, etc., with our unique appearance design and excellent performance parameters to attract many visitors to stop and watch and exchange discussions.

Holding the baton, He Cheng Electric continues to write a new chapter of the new energy exhibition (2)

Zhejiang HeCheng Intelligent Electric always takes the customer as the center, insists on the original intention and makes good products. With professional skills, rich experience and enthusiastic service, we provide excellent solutions for our customers.

Since its inception, Zhejiang HeCheng Intelligent Electric has followed the pace of the times and the mainstream market trends, committed to the new energy industry and forge ahead, now with a number of domestic and foreign well-known brand customers to reach a cooperative relationship, maintaining steady growth. The exhibition has gained a lot, has established contact with a number of intention to cooperate with customers, and will carry out in-depth cooperation. In the future development, and sincere electrical will continue to improve themselves, continue to expand cooperation, and become the new energy industry development booster!

Holding the baton, He Cheng Electric continues to write a new chapter of the new energy exhibition (1)

Energy Europe is the third stop of our company to explore the international market, the exhibition has ended, but the enthusiasm is still the same. We are looking forward to meeting you in the United States in February 2023. We will attend Intersolar North America (2023.2.14-2.16), welcome to visit us at Booth No.655, Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California. Booth No. 655 at Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California.

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