HIITIO X 2023 U.S. International Solar Exhibition RE+

The grand 2023 U.S. International Solar Exhibition RE+, was held at the Las Vegas Venetian Convention Center from September 12th to 14th, 2023, in California time. This exhibition stands as not only the largest solar energy professional trade show in North America but also as one of the most influential international exhibitions in the global solar energy industry.

2023 U.S. International Solar Exhibition RE hiitio 3

It was hosted by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and prominently featured two key sectors: solar photovoltaics and energy storage technology. The event drew participation from distinguished companies worldwide. Such as SIEMENS, ABB, BYD, and HUBBLE. And there were 1360 exhibitors in total.

Throughout the course of the exhibition, Hecheng Electric not only forged new business relationships with prospective clients but also engaged in substantive dialogues with industry frontrunners and policymakers, gaining valuable insights into the latest industry trends. Our products garnered an enthusiastic reception, showcasing remarkable quality, innovation, and reliability, and leaving a profound impression on all attendees.

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Attending the RE+ exhibition has proven to be an exceptionally meaningful experience for us. It’s been an opportunity not only to forge new connections with both clients and friends but also to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s current trends.

Moving forward, Hecheng Electric is dedicated to providing even more valuable products and services to a global and modern customer base. Our aim is to cater to the increasingly diverse demands of consumers worldwide and actively engage in the global energy transition and sustainable development initiatives.

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As a rising star in the photovoltaic and energy storage industry, HIITIO, under the HECHENG brand, participated in The Smarter E exhibition for the first time. HIITIO showcased a diverse range of products, including:

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High Voltage DC Contactor, High Voltage DC Fuse Manufacturer for New Energy Industry

High Voltage DC Contactors: Our high voltage DC contactors find applications in renewable energy systems, electric mobility, and industrial automation, enabling control over the connection and disconnection of high voltage DC circuits.

High Voltage DC Fuses: Our fuse range encompasses North American style, Square Body style, cylindrical style, and British standard fuses, offering safe and efficient circuit protection for sectors such as photovoltaics, energy storage, wind power, electric vehicles, and charging stations.

BDU and PDU: We provide customized Battery Distribution Units (BDUs) and Power Distribution Units (PDUs) tailored to meet our customers’ specific power management needs and requirements, delivering personalized solutions.

Photovoltaic Products: Our microinverters, optimizers, and rapid shutdown devices play vital roles in photovoltaic systems, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

IEC Contactors: Our general-purpose contactors, compliant with IEC standards and accompanied by a comprehensive range of accessories, demonstrate outstanding performance and versatility in various industrial applications.

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