Hecheng ALL IN attitude, shining in the U.S. solar energy exhibition

Intersolar 2023 in Long Beach, USA has come to a perfect end! This is the world’s leading solar energy exhibition, which has been held in Long Beach, California in February this year. The show provides a platform for global solar industry players and enthusiasts to showcase the latest technology products and exchange market trends.

Intersolar is one of the world’s premier events for the solar industry, attracting a large number of professionals from around the world each year. During the show, exhibitors will have the opportunity to showcase their latest products and technologies, including solar panels, solar water heaters, solar lights and other solar products. They will also be able to meet face-to-face with other friendly businessmen, share success stories and make new business contacts.

Hecheng Electric was fortunate to meet many new customers at the show, as well as to have friendly conversations with other leaders and professionals in the industry and share company best practices and experiences.

Hecheng ALL IN attitude, shining in the U.S. solar energy exhibition (2)

During the exhibition, Hecheng Electric displayed the latest products of the company, such as fuse, contactor, convergence box, optimizer, surge products and bdu, etc.. These products were highly evaluated and recognized by fellow exhibitors, and also aroused strong interest from customers. At present, the market has a huge demand for solar products, and Hecheng Electric will adhere to the original intention, develop fine products and continue to provide customers with high quality and high performance products and services.

Hecheng ALL IN attitude, shining in the U.S. solar energy exhibition (1)

Customer feedback is what keeps Hecheng Electric moving forward. During the show, Hecheng Electric not only established business contacts with new customers, but also had in-depth exchanges with other industry leaders and policy makers to learn about the latest dynamic trends in the industry. The solar industry is constantly evolving and innovating, and at the same time facing many challenges and opportunities. Hecheng Electric will continue to be committed to promoting the development of innovation in the industry and continue to provide better products and services to our customers.

Attending Intersolar North America in Long Beach was a very rewarding experience, not only meeting new customers and friends, but also gaining an in-depth understanding of the industry dynamics. We will continue to invest more resources and efforts to provide better products and services for our customers and contribute to the development of the solar industry.

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