First stop in 2023! Hecheng Electric at the American AHR EXPO

On February 9, 2023, the three-day 2023rd AHR EXPO came to a successful close in Atlanta, and looking back at the show venue, you can still feel the crowd and the bustling crowds.

American HVACR (AHR) is the world’s largest professional exhibition in the refrigeration and HVAC industry with the widest range of products. The show brings together new products, new ideas and new services in one, attracting a large number of professionals to visit the show.

First stop in 2023! Hecheng Electric at the AHR EXPO (3)

And Cheng Electric in the AHR EXPO, harvest from many different industries and users of the wide range of recognition, the site booth is popular, incessant consultation, all the time to reflect the professional level of each staff and the quality of He Cheng Electric products. In just three days, we have gained a lot, from the beginning of every small detail of the exhibition to the moment of the end of the exhibition, we are full of seriousness and enthusiasm, and strive to make the exhibition the best. Although the exhibition has ended, there are still many wonderful moments worthy of our review.

First stop in 2023! Hecheng Electric at the AHR EXPO (1)

The booth was crowded with people and inquiries. In this exhibition, by the “visible, touchable” experience mode, attracting a large number of users to stop and watch, and sincere team is overwhelmed but happy, always enthusiastic for each customer to patiently explain the product, seriously answer each customer’s questions, listen to the customer’s demands, and actively provide customers with suitable solution.

We are grateful to every new and old customer for coming to the exhibition to exchange and communicate, and thank every customer for their recognition, choice and support. In 2023, let’s continue to work together and ride the wave together!

First stop in 2023! Hecheng Electric at the AHR EXPO (2)

The successful conclusion of the exhibition means that we will start another new journey, and sincere intelligent electrical will continue to follow the “adhere to the original, good products” purpose, adhering to the “customer-centric, to the struggle for the pride” values, adhere to the original, and the heart together, and Honesty and trustworthiness. Although the exhibition has come to an end, the excitement will never end, and we look forward to meeting you again.

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