EVTECH EXPO2022 15th Shanghai International New Energy Vehicle Technology Expo ——Hecheng is looking forward to your arrival here.

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Shanghai International New Energy Automotive Technology Exhibition (EVTECH EXPO),  The exhibition scope includes: battery motor electric control, three-electric assembly technology and equipment, electronic components, hydrogen cell technology and hydrogen refueling station, new energy automobile wiring harness, connectors, heat management, test and measurement, charging pile (station) and light weight and so on.

EVTECH EXPO will hold high-end industry activities such as “World New Energy Automobile Development Summit Forum”, “China International New Energy Automobile Technology Development Summit Forum” and “China International New Energy Automobile Industry Competitive Enterprise Selection” with the principle of combination of “exhibition” and “conference”, and with the new energy automobile technology as the breakthrough point and forward-looking perspective of promoting the upgrade of new energy automobile industry and the sustainable development of the company. Chinese academicians, industry experts who have made achievements in this field and researchers of new technology research and development will be specially invited to serve as the keynote speakers of the forum for keynote speeches on topics such as development trend of global new energy automobiles, scientific research achievements, industrial innovation and development, interpretation of prospect and policies of Chinese new energy automobile market, electronic components of new energy automotives, motors of new energy automotives, power battery core technology, hydrogen cells, construction of charging piles (station), lightweight of automotives, and safety of new energy automotives, and core component manufacturers and exhibitors from related fields will also be invited to attend the exhibition.

Why exhibit

——Jointly build a new energy vehicle technology ecosystem

Since its establishment in 2008, Shanghai International New Energy Vehicle Technology Expo (hereinafter referred to as Expo &EVTECH EXPO) has developed into a forward-looking trading platform for new energy vehicle technology in China through professional, market-oriented, international and brand-oriented operation. EVTECH EXPO2021 consists of eight major professional exhibitions, covering battery motor electronic control technology, new energy vehicle manufacturing equipment, hydrogen fuel and hydrogen refueling station technology, charging and replacing technology, new energy vehicle electronics, wiring harness and connector technology, thermal management technology, new energy vehicle testing technology and other fields. The exhibition is expected to attract more than 600 domestic and international exhibitors and 60,000 professional buyers, with an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters. The gluttonous feast should not be missed. Let me gather at Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center in July!

——Forums and Conferences

More than 20 special forums and conference activities were held at the same time around the eight major professional and technical exhibitions, Shanghai International New Energy Vehicle Technology Expo. The forum closely followed the theme of “Technology Foresight Leads the Future”, and carried out practical discussions around cutting-edge issues such as new energy vehicle core power, automotive electronics, automotive thermal management, automotive testing, charging and replacement, and hydrogen refueling station construction, which received good response.


Shanghai International New Energy Vehicle Technology Expo, as a forward-looking business platform for new energy vehicle technology, has authoritative and international awards. Shanghai International New Energy Vehicle Technology Expo has selected 50 awards in two categories: vehicle and parts, including 20 new energy passenger cars, commercial vehicles and logistics vehicles, 10 powertrains,10 advanced automotive electronics and materials, and 10 charging and replacing stations.

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How to reach the Hecheng’s Exhibition Location

Time: May 31-June 2, 2022

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong New Area)

Our Co.: Zhejiang He Cheng Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. Booth No.: HALL E5 5430

Hecheng sincerely expects you to come!

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