Top 10 High Voltage Fuse Manufacturers Updated in 2024

Explore the updated list of the top 10 high voltage fuse manufacturers in 2024, featuring industry leaders in circuit protection and power control solutions for various applications.

Today, we’re diving into a fascinating topic: high voltage fuses. You might have heard about fuses in your home’s electrical system, but these high voltage fuses play a critical role in larger electrical networks, ensuring safety and reliable power distribution.

What Is a High Voltage Fuse?

A high voltage fuse is a safety device designed to protect electrical circuits and equipment from damage caused by overcurrents or short circuits in high voltage systems. Unlike standard fuses used in household circuits, high voltage fuses are specifically engineered to handle immense electrical loads typically found in industrial, utility, or high-power electrical systems.

Where to use a High Voltage Fuse

High voltage fuses find application in various industries and settings where electrical systems operate at elevated voltage levels. Here are some common places where high voltage fuses are used:

Battery Protection in E-mobility

High voltage fuses are integrated into the battery management systems of electric and hybrid vehicles to protect the high voltage battery packs from overcurrents or faults. They act as safety devices, disconnecting the battery in case of a fault to prevent damage or fire hazards.

EV Charging Systems

High voltage fuses are incorporated into the charging systems of electric vehicles to protect against overcurrents during charging, safeguarding both the vehicle and the charging infrastructure.

Railway Systems

High voltage fuses are used in railway systems to protect various electrical components, including traction systems, signaling equipment, and overhead lines.

ESS (BESS & Solar/PV&Wind)

Energy storage systems often include inverters and power conversion systems that manage the flow of energy between the storage system and the grid or other electrical systems. High voltage fuses are used to protect

High Voltage Laboratories and Testing Facilities

Testing facilities and laboratories working with high voltage equipment employ fuses to protect instruments and equipment during experiments or testing procedures of these critical components from electrical faults.

How to select the fuse?

Circuit Requirements

Determine the voltage and current ratings of the circuit. Calculate the maximum fault current the fuse needs to interrupt.

Response Time

Choose between fast-acting and slow-blow fuses based on the application’s requirements. Fast-acting fuses respond rapidly to overcurrents, while slow-blow fuses tolerate temporary overloads without tripping.

Operating Conditions

Consider the ambient temperature where the fuse will operate. Verify that the selected fuse can handle the expected temperature conditions as high-speed fuses might be more sensitive to temperature.

Circuit Protection Requirements

Determine whether the fuse is primarily for overload protection or short-circuit protection. Overload protection fuses respond to sustained overcurrents, while short-circuit fuses react quickly to high-current faults.

Fuse Type and Construction

Choose the appropriate fuse type (cartridge, blade, surface mount) and material (glass, ceramic, etc.) suitable for the circuit’s environment, installation, and specific application needs.

Standards and Certifications

Select fuses that comply with industry standards and certifications relevant to your region or application. Compliance ensures reliability and safety.

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List of top 10 high voltage fuse manufacturer

top hvdc fuse manufacturer 1

Littelfuse, Inc.


Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Chicago, the U.S.; Littelfuse, Inc. is engaged in designing, manufacturing, and marketing circuit protection, power control, and sensing products across the globe. The company operates through three segments namely, electronics, automotive, and industrial.

The company’s electronic segment offers fuses and fuse accessories, positive temperature coefficient resettable fuses, polymer electrostatic discharge suppressors, varistors, magnetic sensing products, and gas discharge tubes. 

eaton logo

Eaton Corporation Plc


Founded in 1911 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Eaton Corporation Plc is operating as a power management company. The company is engaged in providing energy-efficient solutions for electrical, hydraulics, aerospace, vehicle, and eMobility industries.

Bussmann / Eaton, a division of Cooper Industries that has been acquired by Eaton, is one of the world’s largest producers of circuit protection devices to protect electrical, electronic and automotive systems from circuit overload.

top hvdc fuse manufacturer 3

Mersen S.A.


Founded in 1892 and headquartered in Paris, France. Mersen S.A. is engaged in manufacturing and distributing electrical power products and advanced materials across the globe.

The company is mainly operated through two business segments, namely advanced materials and electrical power segments. Its products prevent the destruction of industrial and commercial electrical equipment, ensure an uninterrupted power supply, and help to stabilize the electrical network.




Founded in 1946 and headquartered in West Caldwell, NJ, SIBA is Europe’s number one trusted medium and high voltage fuse manufacturer. It has been working for over 75 years in Ultra-Rapid® semiconductor fuses, classes aR, gR, gRL(gS), with a wide range of DC rated fuses (24VDC -5200VDC) for all types of applications. 

SIBA product line covers the range from miniature fuses, electronic fuses, SMD/surface mount fuses (Europe’s Product of the Year) with PCB mount technology for circuit boards, high DC voltage and PC board mount, fuses for the protection of transistors, branch circuit controls, alarm circuits, small motors, lighting, power transformers, and solenoids.

top hvdc fuse manufacturer 5

Bel Fuse Inc.


Founded in 1949 and headquartered in Jersey City, the U.S.; Bel Fuse Inc. is engaged in designing, manufacturing, and distributing a broad array of products that power, protect, and connect electronic circuits. The company provides power fuses for primary circuit protection of any power supply, chargers, and industrial products.

Switzerland. SCHURTER AG logo

Switzerland. SCHURTER AG


Founded in 1933 and headquartered at Luzern, Switzerland. SCHURTER AG is engaged in manufacturing and distributing electronic components such as antennas, switches, and waveguides.

The company offers fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems, and EMC products as well as important services for the PCB assembly and electronic industries.

top hvdc fuse manufacturer 7

ABB Ltd.


Founded in 1883 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. ABB Ltd. is engaged in providing technology for digital industries. The company is operating through five business segments, namely electrification, industrial automation, motion, robotics and discrete automation, and power grids.

ABB’s Electrification business offers a wide-ranging portfolio of products, like manual-operated switch fuses, motor-operated switch fuse, enclosed switch fuse, fuse gear widely used in EV infrastructure, solar inverters, modular substations, distribution automation, power protection, wiring accessories, switchgear, enclosures, cabling, sensing and control, etc.

top hvdc fuse manufacturer 8

Siemens AG


Founded in 1847 and headquartered in Munich, Germany. Siemens AG operates in the fields of electrification, automation, and digitalization. The company operates through its six business segments, namely gas and power, energy management, building technologies, mobility, digital factory, and process industry and driver. The company offers fuses for all applications, such as line, device, system, and plant protection.

top hvdc fuse manufacturer 9

Schneider Electric SE


Founded in 1836 and headquartered at Rueil-Malmaison, France. Schneider Electric SE is engaged in providing energy management and automation solutions across the globe. The company offers a variety of products through its four business segments, namely low voltage, medium voltage, secure power, and industrial automation.

Schneider Electric’s fuses are engineered with advanced technology to ensure reliable protection, efficient operation, and ease of installation. These fuses are used across residential, commercial, and industrial settings to safeguard electrical installations, equipment, and devices from short circuits and overloads, enhancing the overall safety and reliability of electrical systems.

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HIITIO New Energy Co., Ltd


Founded in 2004 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, HIITIO specializes in high-voltage DC applications as a prominent electrical components manufacturer.

HIITIO offers a variety of electrical circuit protection fuses to withstand extreme conditions and provide superior performance. They have 4 main series for high voltage DC fuses: British Standard BS88 Fuse, Cartridge Ceramic Fuse, North American High-Speed Fuse, and Square Body Fuse.

HIITIO holds prestigious certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and IATF16949, attesting to our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, occupational health and safety, and automotive industry standards. There are four series of fuses designed to ensure the safety of power systems.

Bottom Line

This article primarily discusses the most influential high voltage fuse manufacturers in the current market, along with their expertise and solutions. It also guides you in selecting the appropriate fuse for your specific needs. Whether you’re in the electric vehicle, railway system, or energy storage field, this article offers valuable insights and information.

For more details or to request a quote, please contact us. If you have any inquiries or need personalized assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated sales team at We are committed to providing you with expert advice and support for all your high voltage fuse needs.

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