Setting a New Industry Benchmark: HIITIO 2000VDC 3000A Fuse Attains UL Certification

HIITIO, a leading electronic components provider of renewable energy storage solutions, is thrilled to announce that our cutting-edge ESS Fuse, capable of handling a maximum voltage of 2000VDC and a maximum current of 3000A, has received official certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), UL File Number: E533379.

We are one of the few manufacturers developing such high-current, high-voltage fuses. Moreover, we are among the few who have obtained UL certification, setting us apart from our competitors in the industry.

The UL certification, widely recognized as one of the highest safety standards in electrical and electronic fields, attests to the outstanding performance of our fuse in terms of safety and functionality. This certification not only validates the quality of our product but also substantiates our commitment to our customers. This significant milestone underscores our commitment to providing state-of-the-art energy storage solutions that meet the highest safety and performance standards.

Key Features of our ESS Fuse:

HCBMG5 Series. 1400 3000A 2000Vdc Square body fuse 2

High Voltage and Current Capability

Designed to operate under demanding conditions, our ESS Fuse excels in managing high voltage up to 2000VDC and a robust current of 3000A, ensuring the protection of energy storage systems in various applications.

UL Certification Assurance

The successful completion of UL certification reaffirms the adherence of our ESS Fuse to the stringent safety and performance criteria set by Underwriters Laboratories, assuring customers of its reliability and compliance with industry standards.

Versatility in Applications

This fuse is versatile and finds application in diverse sectors, including renewable energy storage, grid stabilization, and large-scale charging station infrastructure, providing essential protection for critical components in these systems.

Reliable Performance

Rigorous testing procedures validate the fuse’s reliability and performance across a spectrum of operational conditions, assuring end-users of its dependability in real-world scenarios.

HIITIO is dedicated to delivering innovative energy solutions to customers, and through relentless efforts, our products reach international standards. We believe that the success of this UL certification will further solidify our leadership in the electrical industry, providing customers with safer and more reliable energy storage solutions.

For more information about our ESS fuses, please visit our Square Body Fuse Series.

Check the original certification files:

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