UL 489 Miniature Circuit Breaker HCUB1-125 series 2 Poles

  • The new wiring design allows for multiple quick connecting terminals.
  • Detachable metal bracket, circuit breaker flush mount, surface mount, or safe removal for DIN35 rail mounting.
  • Mechanical switch for the manual current interruption.
  • Switch display indication.
  • Performance is not affected by location installation.
  • Salt spray test conforms to ASTMB117-500hr.
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HCUB1-60/125 series miniature circuit breakers provide excellent over-current, short circuit protection and control in AC ON/OFF operating electrical systems, and can also be used for infrequent making and breaking.

It has voltage ratings up to 240VAC and currents up to 125A.


UL 489 Miniature Circuit Breaker HCUB1 60 30 UL 489 Miniature Circuit Breaker HCUB1 60 29 UL 489 Miniature Circuit Breaker HCUB1 60 28 UL 489 Miniature Circuit Breaker HCUB1 60 27


  • Computers and their peripheral equipment
  • Industrial automatic control systems, telecommunication equipment, general power supply systems
  • UPS uninterruptible power supply equipment
  • Railway locomotives
  • Marine electrical systems
  • Aerospace
  • Elevator control systems
  • Mobile power equipment

Product Model

HCUB1 125 60 H   / 2 BB   D – MF1  
HC: Company Code
Frame class
Rated current (A)
Nil: 120/240VAC,  H: 240VAC AC
Pole: 1: 1P;  2: 2P; 3: 3P;

BB: BB type terminal block/terminal block; BQ: Box quick wiring terminal/QC quick wiring terminal

Installation method:

D: DIN35 rail installation; S: Surface Mount


MF1: 1P Mounting Foot
HT: Cascade rod
SC: Safety cover
HS: Handle Safety Lock
QC1 forward (reverse) quick connector
QC 2 side quick connector
QC 3 Ring Tongue Terminal Block


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