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Extend Clean Energy Generation to Your Curtain Walls, Siding, Roofs and Even Tiles.
Combining Highly Efficient BIPV System Technology with Seamless Aesthetics.

Perfectly Integrated Without Compromising Aesthetics

30 Years Product and Performance Warranty

Conforms to Building System Standards, Fast-to-Install

Conforms to Building System Standards, Fast-to-Install

BIPV Module Series

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We offer a complete range of integrated pv panels to meet your project needs. With the built-in new-generation mainstream battery platform technology——Heterojunction Battery, these modules have excellent light absorption and passivation effects, and exceeds PERC technologies in both efficiency and performance.

Transparent PV Module

CdTe Glass PV Panel

PV Curtain Wall Module

Color version

PV Curtain Wall Module

Stone-like version

Plane PV Tile

CIGS Flexible PV Module

Transparent PV Module

Thin Film CadTel PV Module

Transparent Solar Glass


Power range: 50~105W
Size: 1200*600*18.24mm, 1800*1200*18.24mm


  • 10% -60% transmittance customizable
  •  -0.29%/°C Better Temperature Coefficient
  • Crystal clear appearance
  • Standardized modular design for easy installation
CdTe Transparent PV

House Siding BIPV Solution

Solar Siding Module

Stone Veneer Solar Panel


Power range: 250~380W
Size: 1805×1150×14.4mm


  • Combining highly efficient solar technology with seamless aesthetics
  • Custom color, pattern, and surface finishing effects available
  • Seamlessly hidden wiring and circuitry mounted
  • Easily incorporated into building system standards for fast installation
  • Reduce their reliance on carbon-emitting energy from the grid

High-rise Facades BIPV Solution

PV Curtain Wall Module

Colored Solar Glass Panel


Power range: 180-400W
Size: 1805*1150*14.4mm


  • Applicable to the exterior vertical facades: eastern, southern and western facades of the building
  • Incorporated as color glass into curtain wall, without compromising aesthetics
  • High reliability packaging materials ensure a service life up to 30 years
  • Customizable tempered glass facing layer
  • Conforms to the building system standards, easy to install

Curved Roof BIPV Solution

Flexible PV Module



Power range: 70~510W
Size (mm): 348X1709, 348X2583, 973X1709, 973X2583, 1292X1709, 1292X2583, 

Thickness: 2.5mm/20mm at J-box


  • Can be used on curved and irregular surfaces where conventional rigid PV panels cannot be applied.
  • Combining highly efficient solar technology with seamless aesthetics without damaging or changing existing structures.
  • IP67 waterproof rating

BIPV House Roof Solution

PV Slate Roof Module

Plane PV Tile


Power range: 125-135W

Size: 1580*522*37mm


  • Replaces conventional cement and clay tiles, weighing only half as much while being several times stronger than ordinary tiles
  • Suitable for high-end villas, clubs, venues, and public buildings
  • Offers a perfect blend of modern technology and traditional architecture, with multiple color choices
  • Integrated solar power roof design, providing a comprehensive system solution.
  • Compliant with building system standards, allowing for easy installation.
  • Individual panels can be easily disassembled for future maintenance.
Plane PV Tile application

New-generation Mainstream Battery Platform Technology

Heterojunction (HJT) solar cells combine the advantages of crystalline silicon and thin-film amorphous silicon technologies. They demonstrate excellent light absorption and passivation effects, surpassing PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Contact) technology in both efficiency and performance.

HJT is considered one of the leading cell technologies in the solar industry for achieving higher conversion rates and power outputs, representing the direction of development for the next generation of solar cell platforms.

BIPV Module Layer Structure
temperature coefficient re

-0.26%/°C Extreme temperature coefficient

The temperature coefficient of the heterojunction battery is about -0.26%/°C. Under high-temperature environment, the bifacial heterojunction battery can generate utmost 3.9% more power than the bifacial PERC battery.

Bifaciality factor re

Bifaciality factor: 95%

The natural bifacial symmetrical structure of the heterojunction battery can make the bifaciality factor up to 95%. The power generation per W of the heterojunction battery is about 3%~6% higher than the bifacial PERC battery.

low light power generation re

+0.5~1% low-light power generation

The N-type monocrystalline silicon wafer of the heterojunction battery has a more excellent low-light effect than the P-type monocrystalline silicon wafer of the PERC battery, with the former’s power generation per W being about 0.5~1% higher than the latter.

We Are Here to Ensure the Success of Your BIPV Project

We have leading international expertise in developing high-efficiency batteries and components like HJT and CIGS. With our experienced team of industry experts, we can provide comprehensive technical support and services for BIPV system projects in areas such as architectural design and steel structure.

World's 1st Fully Automated BIPV Production Line

Guaranteed Stable Product Quality and Genuine Delivery Timelines

The integration of fully automated production lines, refined manufacturing processes, and efficient production management systems has allowed us to achieve stable and scalable production capacity while reducing product delivery cycles, ensuring the smooth implementation of your project.

BIPV Production line 2
Factory View

Customizable Product Specifications

High Quality, High Stability, And High Efficiency

Through innovative design and development of processes, products, and equipment, we have achieved the capability to process and manufacture a wide range of BIPV modules on a single automated production line, providing customized processing for multi-specification products and delivering high-quality, stable, and efficient BIPV products.

Stringent Product Quality Testing

Ensures Long-Term Stability for Your BIPV Project

We enforce the most stringent quality control measures at each process and subject the final products to rigorous quality and performance tests as well as environmental simulation experiments. This ensures the highest level of manufacturing quality.

Power Testing

Static Load Test

Electroluminescence (EL) Test

Wet Leakage Test​

Hail Impact Test

Some BIPV Projects in Operation

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BIPV Projects 3
BIPV Projects 2
BIPV Projects 4 1
BIPV Projects 3

Collaborate with Us to Create a Distinct Impact in BIPV

Our unwavering dedication revolves around delivering comprehensive services that propel your business toward success.

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