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13 Years Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Manufacturer

Choose the Right EV Charge Station and Maximize your brand’s potential to drive your business success by leveraging our expertise in EVSE customization.

We Design, Manufacture and Operate EV Charging Stations

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20/30/40 kW DC Charging Station - Single Gun

For commercial complexes, residential neighborhoods, enterprises and institutions, parks and other charging places.

20 30 40 kW DC Charging Station Single Gun 2

40-320 kW DC Charging Station

Faster charging speed. More suitable for commercial complexes, residential neighborhoods, parks, etc. with many operating stations and vehicles

40 60 80 120 160 240 320 kW DC Charging Station Single Gun
60 180 kW DC Charging Station Double Gun

7/14 kW AC Charging Station

Smaller footprint and volume, great for commercial complexes, residential neighborhoods, businesses, institutions, parks

7kw AC Charging Station Single Gun
14kw AC Charging Station Double Gun

240-960 kW AC Smart Flexible Charging Station

Intelligent switching of charging power module according to the real-time demand for charging sent by the vehicle BMS.

Flexible Charging Post 1
Flexible Charging Post 3

7/14 kW AC Charging Pile / Wall Mounted

Multiple appearances, optional sheet metal/plastic housing materials, optional LCD screen/touch screen, convenient to realize your customized needs.

14kw AC Charging Pile Double Gun
AC Charging Station 3
AC Charging Station 2
AC Charging Station 4
AC Charging Station 1

How We Empower Your Business

100% In-house Production to Maxmize Cost Control

Controlling the Quality and Price of Materials from the Source

We are not an assembly company, we start from the design and manufacture of shells. We have our own sheet metal workshop, spraying workshop, and experienced workers to control the quality and cost of the shell frame from the source, leaving more profit margin for you.

A Solution Vendor, not Just a Manufacturer

Complete Solutions to Accelerate Your Project to Market

Take advantage of our 13 years of manufacturing and project experience to quickly get a complete solution that perfectly matches your project needs, so you can promote your brand in the local market faster. And when you encounter problems, our R&D team is capable of providing timely and effective technical support and guidance.
Charging Satation Manufacturing workshop 4
Charging Satation Manufacturing workshop 1

Intelligent Systems: From Hardware to Software

Quickly Interface with Your Own IOT Platform

Flexible multi-protocol compatibility, including CCS, AC Type 2 and more.
Equipped with remote monitoring and control function module with optimized algorithms for smart charging function.

  • Formulate personalized charging plans to charge at the time with the lowest electricity cost.
  • Intelligent power switching according to the charging demand sent by the vehicle BMS to ensure optimal utilization of charging resources.
  • Intelligent shielding of faulty modules, without affecting the use of the whole machine.
  • Intelligent temperature control, autonomous current equalization, constant power charging.
  • Multiple operation modes: swipe card, code scanning, reservation, VIN, free of charge, password.

High Quality, Long Life, Less Maintenance

Reduced Labor Installation and Maintenance Costs for Quick Payback

The quality and stability of the product is the key to your long-term operating costs, we will never lose control of your after-sales service due to product quality issues, which will lead to unnecessary financial losses and a negative impact on brand reputation.

  • IK10 grade super impact resistant sheet metal shell, can withstand a height of 4 meters and a weight of 5kg impact, thus protecting the internal electrical equipment and the charging process, and improving the service life.
  • Multi-protection: IP54 waterproof rating, over-voltage, over-current, leakage, short-circuit, lightning surge, temperature abnormality, BMS abnormality, emergency stop button, etc.
Charging Satation Manufacturing workshop 5
Charging Satation Manufacturing workshop 3
Charging Satation Manufacturing workshop 6


More Than an EV Charger Manufacturer

We will let your ambitions inspire us and deploy our expertise, resources and network to help you to achieve your goals. In our view, the best way to shape the future is to co-create it with you.

Independent R&D

  • 60 R&D team members
  • In-house development of all software and hardware
  • Proprietary big data platform
  • 80+ related patents
  • 20+ software copyrights

High Production Capacity

  • 70,000 ㎡ of production factory
  • Annual production capacity 500,000+ units
  • In-house Sheet metal, spray coating, injection molding, SMT circuit, aging, and multiple intelligent assembly lines

Comprehensive Service

We have a team of experts in electrical construction, interior decoration, electronic automation, fire engineering, high-voltage and low-voltage circuits, and project cost management.

We Put You First

We take pride in putting you first in everything we do, striving to provide you with timely and accurate support to ensure the success of your projects.

Our Project Cases

HIITIO is capable of meeting all your customization requirements.

Whether your project is for residential, community, commercial, public, hospital, government, or fleet applications, we have the corresponding project experience to ensure its success.

Our Customers Are Our Right to Exist!

Our experience, knowledge, understanding of businesses and true partnership have earned us many loyal customers.

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Being a HIITIO Partner


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